Popular barista chain




Brand development


Australasia, Middle East, China


An international coffee franchise, acquired by new owners, required re-branding to position it for international expansion.


Brand workshops were conducted with the senior management and directors of the business, to facilitate and establish a common alignment and agreement for the future of the business and its brand.

The outcome from the brand discovery process formed the ‘brand development briefs’ for all aspects regarding the brand re-positioning.  The integration of the 3D and 2D brand identity requirements were managed to ensure they complied with the operational requirements to run franchises in different countries around the world.

In particular the visual communications platform had to be simple yet be able to powerfully communicate the brand in any given language and culture.

The engagement was extended to co-ordinate the brand development and implementation phases.


A comprehensive solution was implemented into NZ, Fiji, the Middle East and China.

In 2010 the owners sold the New Zealand and Australian master franchise for approximately US$10MM, enabling them to continue to expand further into China and the Middle East.