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A property group that had recently purchased a Georgian building for conversion into a shopping centre required an overall design for the public areas of the development.


A collaborative approach to the development of the overall concept design was taken, drawing on the different skills and capabilities of everyone on the development team including the clients.  The overall concept described the customer journey as they moved from the basement shopping level through to the top floor shopping area.

This overall concept became the brief for a variety of artists and craftsmen to develop their interpretation to further enrich the customer experience.


The shopping centre opened on time, to budget and was fully leased at the wanted rental levels within six months.

The Shopping Centre was opened by Prince Charles and was featured in his book of architecture as one of the sensitive redesigns rejuvenating old building stock giving them a new lease of life.

The shopping centre is still as popular as the day it opened providing pleasure to thousands of shoppers and tourists.  The original design has never been changed because it still works.  The ROI on this development in terms of capital outlay is immeasurable given it is has not needed to be refurbished.