DIMDThe JAAM works in a 4 part process of Diagnosis, Intervention, Measurement and Deployment.

The Diagnosis is 2 phases: a quantitative survey to tell us the health of the organisation across leadership, relationships and business processes; and a qualitative phase that seeks to understand the root cause of the areas of ill-health.  We have an innovative approach to helping you understand the areas of health and ill-health, and which will not involve you reading lengthy reports or staring at meaningless charts.

Once we know where to focus, we apply the appropriate interventions, test their effectiveness and apply across the whole organisation.

We also believe that you can’t correct just one area and expectation holistic change.  So we work across the whole of the organisation to identify the disconnect between the business’s aspirations and their reality. And then we fix, and establish an integrated climate of continuous improvement working on the ‘whole’ of the business.