Industry body




Knowledge management




An industry body, and leading provider of energy solutions, required the development of a knowledge management strategy for the organisation.

The General Manager of Business Services and Marketing says “we wanted to enhance the capability of all team members to create, innovate, and act effectively in support of our business strategy in the long run.”


Interviews were conducted to gain insight into the organisation, led to the developed a four-phase action plan and provided key recommendations to help the client address the gaps, as identified through the Knowledge Management Assessment process.


The four-phase action plan recognised the fundamental building blocks to ensure behavioural and attitudinal change.

  • Explore: Analysis and Planning
  • Enable: Improving access to existing information and data with new tools and processes
  • Embed: Ensuring information management activities are embedded into organisational processes, capacity and capability
  • Exploit: Exploiting organisational knowledge to generate future projects, new approaches and innovative solutions for competitive advantage


The Action Plan successfully uncovered areas where a productive knowledge environment could be created and enhanced to achieve a competitive advantage. Our ongoing engagement with the client has helped them enhance their knowledge management practices.