Fashion Company




Leadership development




A long-established manufacturer of quality menswear required assistance to address efficiency issues on production line.  A sub-group of Team Leaders lacked confidence to deal with issues as they arose and had poor ability to problem-solve and operated out of a silo-ed mentality, leading to marked delays on the production line.


An interactive systems analysis consisting of interviews and workshops was applied, revealing the following concerns:

  • Micro-management of underperforming Team Leaders on the manufacturing line
  • Poorly developed problem-solving skills
  • Low level of interaction between Team Leaders in pursuit of resolving production line issues
  • Poorly developed stress-management strategies
  • Low levels of ‘resilience’ when the pressure was on
  • Lack of awareness of the ‘big picture’ of the whole production line and the impact of teams dysfunction on the process
  • Low levels of self-confidence in the Team Leader role


A full-day workshop, followed by 4 half-day workshops, were carried out with the underperforming Team Leaders with a focus on developing:

  • Increased autonomy and problem-solving capabilities amongst Team Leaders
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Increased resiliency
  • Better ability to act with the ‘bigger picture’ of the whole production line in mind
  • Greater collaboration between Team Leaders


The workshop series resulted in a positive shift in all Team Leaders towards:

  • A clear understanding of the impact of teams on the whole production line
  • Dealing better with stress and the ability to relax after work
  • Working together cooperatively
  • Greater confidence and improved self-esteem.
  • Improved decision making on the Production Manager’s involvement in production line issues