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A marketing executive in Australasia, having impressed in his first CEO appointment at a small agency within a global network, was offered the opportunity to turn around a failing regional agency in SE Asia.  As the hub for regional and global accounts, the company managed globally sensitive clients but was failing to meet expectations of all stakeholders.

The incoming CEO required an executive on-boarding programme to enable him to determine his entry strategy, immediate priorities, and root cause of the company’s ills.


A holistic programme was determined for the CEO that covered:

  • Understanding the ‘self’ as a leader
  • Understanding what was happening in the organisation and why
  • Understanding what the organisation applies itself to and how well


Coaching was begun before his arrival to help him prepare his initial communications with all stakeholders: his manager, the Regional MD, staff, clients and suppliers.

All stakeholders were surveyed and interviewed to collect both quantitative and qualitative information that led to an understanding of the causes of the symptoms of ill-health apparent across the organisation.  Surveys covered the competence of leadership, the health of relationships across the organisation, and the health of systems within the company.

Significant amounts of data were collected, the significance of which could easily have been overlooked.  Display of the data in the form of ‘heat maps’ showed clearly and directly where the most sensitive areas existed.

Having established the root cause of relationship and systems ill-health, a workshop of a cross-section of employees, developed a series of interventions to begin the turn around of the company’s performance.


By the time the CEO had completed his first 3 months he had a clear understanding of the cause of the poor performance of the business and had taken action to address the core issues.  Interventions were undertaken to address leadership and team development, systems development, and talent management.