The JAAM Business Manifesto

The JAAM is in the business of organisational transformation.  Real transformation comes about through a holistic approach.  In order to do this effectively, The JAAM will steward your business through a process that works on the whole, not simply on parts of it. Everything that goes on in your business impacts on everything else, so from the initial diagnosis, through the design and execution of their interventions, The JAAM will address all of these domains in an integrated way, taking a multi-disciplinary approach.

Why The JAAM does what it does:

We can see that the nature of business is shifting at an increasing rate, and is setting challenges for leaders that haven’t been considered before. We have a deep interest in the nature of the shift, of how to address it, and, most of all, the impact that getting it right has for all of us.

The JAAM are:

  • Educators,
  • Contributors
  • Collaborators,
  • Committed
  • Professionals,
  • Fresh Thinkers,
  • Leaders, and importantly
  • Streetwise!


The JAAM is:

A global network of local thought leaders and practitioners.

Allied to a major global marketing communications network to provide you with access to regional or global reach.